Considerable progress has been made in India the field of financial inclusion with the push on digital financial infrastructure by the government and regulator. Digital lending has provided a strong impetus to financial inclusion, especially helping borrowers otherwise unlikely to benefit from formal sources of finance.  However, there is a still a huge potential that needs to be harnessed to benefit different sections of the society like self-employed, small and micro enterprises and small borrowers and gig economy workforces. This conference of industry stalwarts and thought leaders will highlight the key evolving themes related to digital lending. Crucial success strategies will be discussed and a roadmap for the future of Digital financial inclusion will be laid out.

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A wider circle
Digital lending and the changing landscape of financial inclusion


Digital lending models servicing traditionally underbanked retail segments

  • Data strategies and partnerships to facilitate underwriting of New-to-credit retail segments
  • Technologies that are reducing cost of access to traditionally unbanked geographies for easier underwriting and disbursal
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Strategies to formalise/ digitise SMEs for better data access and credit underwriting

    • Leveraging non-FS ecosystems that are formalising/digitising SMEs
    • Strategies for streamlined access to relevant SME data for faster underwriting and lower cost of acquisition

Balancing Financial Credit Inclusion and Risk Management

    • Approaches to service and collect from niche segments post disbursal to manage risk


The conference focuses on the aspects of digital lending and financial inclusion.

  • Challenges to build and establish alternate credit models
  • What role Financial services and fintech industry sees for itself in the emerging scenario
  • Drivers of inclusive growth – Agri Loans, Blue Collar and thin-file lending, Mudra loans, micro loans for consumption, white-goods, working capital, education etc.
  • Opportunities that they can harness by aligning their business in a digital ecosystem
  • Enablers that will help address these challenges



  • Central and State Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies
  • Financial Institutions/Banks
  • NBFC’s
  • Fintechs
  • MSMEs
  • Gig Economy Players
  • Credit Registries
  • Research Institutes
  • Technology Providers
  • Bilateral/Multilateral Organizations
  • Academia & Media

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